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Precision engineering and diamonds form a significant contribution in a modern production environment. Innovative diamond technology from DR.KAISER promises to meet the global requirements for precision and economic production methods.

DR.KAISER provides the following fields of activity:

Dressing and profiling of conventional-, diamond- and CBN grinding wheels.

Grinding with high precision diamond- and CBN grinding wheels.

Wear protection of highly sensitive parts.

Cutting with diamond- and CBN-tools.

Fixture drive and control of diamond dressing discs.

Company Web Site :

Ertuğrul Mah. Uğur Mumcu Cad.
Taşyakan Sitesi No: 76 H/3 Blok
Özlüce - Nilüfer/ Bursa
TEL : 0224 247 53 70
FAKS : 0224 245 81 18
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